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Byron Bay Tri

The Byron Bay Triathlon - Saturday 13th May 2017


Get in now to save, enter as an individual, form a team, arrange your mates, holiday with family. Whoever you are with, you will experience a destination triathlon Like No Other 

Olympic Individual. Swim 1.5km, Ride 38km, Run 10km.

Olympic Individuals

        Saturday 13th May 2017
For athletes who have done one triathlon or those who are a little more serious about their personal best times. Race in your age groups.

Entry Price - $169

Olympic Relay Team. Swim 1.5km, Ride 38km, Run 10km.

Olympic Relay Teams

        Saturday 13th May 2017
A great team event for a group of friends. Some take it seriously and some just do it for the beers afterwards! The relay requires the timing band to be passed on from one athlete onto the next.

Entry Price - $275

Olympic All In Team. Swim 1.5km, Ride 40km, Run 10km.

Olympic All In Teams

        Saturday 13th May 2017
Each team must consist of three mates, adversaries.... who all start together and finish together. The time of the team is calculated when the last team member crosses the line.

Entry Price - $325

Sprint Individual. Swim 750m, Ride 20km, Run 5km.

Sprint Individuals

        Saturday 13th May 2017 
A sprint format race designed to pick up the pace. Speed through the shorter distances of the swim, cycle and run.

Entry Price - $129

Sprint Team. Swim 750m, Ride 20km, Run 5km.

Sprint Relay Teams

        Saturday 13th May 2017 
A sprint format race designed to pick up the pace, speed through the shorter distances of the swim, cycle and run. Compete in your best category in a relay team and pass your timing band on from one athlete to the next.

Entry Price - $199

Sprint All In Team. Swim 750m, Ride 20km, Run 5km.

Sprint All In Teams

        Saturday 13th May 2017
A sprint format race designed to pick up the pace, speed through the shorter distances of the swim, cycle and run. Each team must consist of three mates, adversaries....who all start together and finish together.

Entry Price - $275

Tempta Individual. Swim 300m, Ride 10km, Run 2.5km.

Tempta Individuals

         Saturday 13th May 2017 
For older kids (13+) or first timers to triathlon. While some people are competitive, the greater majority of participants are just starting out. Everyone is welcome even if it is your first swim or ride.

Entry Price - $80

Junior (7-9 Yrs)

Saturday 13th May 2017

*NEW* A chance for the kids to get involved and have a go! Get them started young and join in the spirit of the event.

Inaugural Special - $40


Big Kids (10-12 Yrs)

        Saturday 13th May 2017
*NEW* A chance for the kids to get involved and have a go! Get started young and join the spirit of the event.

Inaugural Special - $45

Racing & Partying For 22 Years

Byron Bay Triathlon has been a magical calendar event for 22 years now. It’s been The Triathlon to mark the end of each year’s triathlon season. That has made BBT a great Party Weekend in one of the world’s most idyllic locations.

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  • Sunrise Cycles
    Sunrise Cycles

    Sunrise Cycles is a bicycle shop situated in the Northern Rivers town of Ballina, with a second store located in Byron Bay.

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  • Triathlon Queensland
    Triathlon Queensland

    Triathlon Queensland's vision is to be the leading triathlon nation and to grow the sport of triathlon in Australia. Their mission is to ensure the existence of quality participation opportunities, servicing of members, and pathways within the sport of triathlon.

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    NSW Police Force
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    Coates Hire

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  • Byron Shire Council
    Byron Shire Council

    Byron Shire Council is a diverse organisation, providing more than 100 different services to the community. These services are used by all the residents and visitors to the Shire in carrying out their daily activities.

  • Byron Bay Coastal Real Estate
    Byron Bay Coastal Real Estate

    Byron Coastal Real Estate is Byron Bay’s leading independent property management and sales firm; bringing an innovative, transparent and friendly approach to Byron Bay’s real estate market.

  • Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce
    Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce

    The Byron Bay Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to building a healthy, sustainable, prosperous and vibrant business community catering to all industry sectors.  The Chamber is a professional resource for businesses and strives to strengthen and enhance regional economic growth. 

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  • Dare2Tri

    Dare2Tri is a great supporter and supplier to the Byron Bay Tri.

    We love the event, the competitors and the organisers as the entire triathlon weekend embodies everything we hold dear about our wonderful sport. The Byron Tri is about having fun and giving it a go. It's about enjoying the wonderful location and laid back nature, the smiling faces and great efforts and doing the best that you can do.

    At Dare2Tri, we believe everyone should be involved in triathlon and we've created a range of tri suits, wet suits and accessories that have you get the most out of your race, while not breaking the bank. It's all about great gear at great prices.

    We can't wait to see everyone at Byron Tri!

  • Byron Bay Surf Club
    Byron Bay Surf Club

    As one of the oldest and most highly regarded surf clubs in Australia, the Byron Bay Surf Lifesaving Club has been keeping ocean goers safe in Byron Bay for over 105 years. Byron Bay SLSC is the second oldest club north of Sydney and one of the oldest in Australia.

  • Brunswick Valley Rescue
    Brunswick Valley Rescue

    This Volunteer Rescue organization proudly serves the residents and visitors of the Byron Shire in general land rescue and assists in the release of people trapped in motor vehicles and trucks, assists in rural, industrial and domestic accidents and vertical rescue.

  • ByronBay.com

    Explore Byron Bay accommodation, activities, specials, festivals, markets, dining, weddings, region info & more with Byron's leading website established 1997. 

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    Pure Sports

    PureSport™ Workout and Recovery nutritional performance sports drinks were developed by Dr. John Ivy, chairman of Kinesiology and Health Education at The University of Texas in Austin. Dr. John Ivy has focused his research on the acute and chronic effects of exercise on muscle metabolism, with special emphasis on carbohydrate regulation.

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  • Hertz

    Amazing Discounts on Car Rentals for all Byron Bay Tri Competitors!

    CDP discount number is: CDP 500998.

    Code MUST be quoted at the time of booking. To obtain this special discount for Hertz vehicle bookings you have to book through Tweed, Ballina or Byron locations. Any other locations will not process this request.

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