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Based on Federal Government advice effective 13.03.2020 this event is on hold as we work with our partners on a rescheduled date. Click here for more details.

1300 28 29 49

Athlete Update: Wednesday 3 June 2.00pm

I hope that this finds you safe and healthy as we roll into June  - I am sure that you have been doing your best to keep your km's up on the bike and on the run.

As you are aware, we made the decision to place the May event on hold until a suitable date could be confirmed to which the Tri will be postponed. We have been working in the background with council and police (both of whom have understandably been very busy) and have narrowed it down to two possible dates - 11 October 2020 and 18 October 2020 - for a special Sunday morning event.

All entries will be automatically moved to the new October Start List as soon as we confirm the final date. Your starting position is guaranteed and there will be nothing else for you to pay.

I understand some of you may be unable to commit to the future date, and you can contact us to discuss your options by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On behalf of the entire NX team, I would like to thank you for your continued support.

See you back in beautiful Byron soon,

Mike Crawley | Race Director

Athlete Update: Friday 24 April 9.30am

I hope you are all keeping well and are ready for an Anzac Day in the driveway at home this weekend. I would like to give you an update on your Byron Bay Triathlon on 9 May.

As you are aware, we made the decision to place the event on hold - until a suitable Saturday is confirmed to which the Tri will be postponed. We have been working in the background with our partners on a new date, and will have another update to you next week following a meeting with local council.

I can advise that everyone's entry will be held in credit and automatically transferred to the new date when announced. For those who cannot make the new date, you will be given the option of a credit to another NXsports event or a refund.

Thank you again for your patience here, speak soon.

Mike Crawley | Race Director

Athlete Update: Thursday 19 March 5.30pm (NSW)

The past week has been challenging not only for the sports and event industry, but also our friends, families and local community. I extend our organisation’s sympathy to all those affected.

With respect to the safety of our participants, supporters, volunteers and locals, the Byron Bay Triathlon scheduled for 9 May is on hold and we are working to confirm a rescheduled date. I can advise that:

  • We are seeking a suitable new date that avoids the next few months of expected 'no major events under Federal Government advice';
  • With the event being on hold; current entries, transfers, withdrawals, and credits are also on hold until a new date is set.

If you would like to discuss the event further please call Nicola or Aimee in the office on 1300 28 29 49.

Mike Crawley | Race Director


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