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Based on Federal Government advice effective 13.03.2020 this event is on hold as we work with our partners on a rescheduled date. Click here for more details.

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The Fine Print

One Day Membership

One Day Memberships (ODM) are for participants of sanctioned triathlon events who are not annual members of Triathlon Australia. A One Day Membership is valid for one event only.

If you intend to compete in more than one event, then it may be worth considering an Annual Membership of Triathlon Australia.

An ODM will be added to all entries who do not include a Triathlon Australia number.

Teams: If ALL team members are annual members, no ODM is required. If NOT ALL members are annual members then an ODM is required. Please note that you are only required to purchase one ODM per team entry. The One Day Membership for a team, where each member completes one or two legs of the race, is the same as the individual fee for that event. 

Maximum Distance Per Age Group

Maximum distances are listed below:

12 yrs - 300m/10km/2km

13 yrs - 400m/15km/4km

14 yrs - 750m/20km/5km

15 yrs - 1.5km/40km/10km

Rules & Regulations

All races need rules (actually the athletes need the rules) and officials need the regulations to govern those conditions to ensure you get a fair go and the field is managed in the fairest manner possible.

Take some time to read these documents and better understand the arrangements under which sanctions are granted to events.

Please be aware of the latest rules for drafting. A Triathlon Australia YouTube video explaining drafting is available here.

The Byron Bay Triathlon is sanctioned by Triathlon Australia.

Withdrawals & Refunds

For information on withdrawals and refunds, please read the Terms and Conditions by clicking here.


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